2011 Exhibition schedule

APRIL 15 – 24

Appearances:   Provincetown's Green Arts Festival

MAY 6 – 30

Spring Arts Competition Juror: Robert Rindler

JUNE 3-29

Season preview:  Peter Acheson, Mark Adams, Liza Bingham, Linda Bond, Karen Cappotto, Clark Derbes, Lauren Ewing, Joe Fiorello, Damien Hoar de Galvan, Jane Henry, Jennifer Amadeo-Holl, Leslie Murray, Stephanie Roberts, Jessica Straus, David Schoerner, Vicky Tomayko and others.

JUNE 10-18

IN THE CAN – An auction of artist inspired film canisters to benefit the Provincetown International Film Festival 

JULY 1-20

Bernd Haussmann, Gina Kamentsky, Keith Maddy, Vernacular Photography

JULY 22-Aug 10

Lauren Ewing, David Schoerner, Donald Traver & others

AUGUST 12-31

Paul Stopforth, Leslie Murray, Clark Derbes, Richard Klein, & others


Jefferson Hayman, Rebecca Doughty, Karen Cappotto, Vicky Tomayko, Deborah Martin, Jessica Straus

SEPTEMBER 23 – Oct 26                 

Mark Adams, Marty Davis, Joe Fiorello and others

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